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Shipping Challenge - Day 30

 Day 30 - Favorite 'Ship Forever and Ever and Ever: Chloe & Lex from Smallville

Chloe and Lex are the very definition of OTP for me. I watched solely for the mere chance these two would have a scene together. I spun every piece of information to make it work out for them to be together; not easy when the characters hate each other. I was desperate enough just to be happy if these two appeared in back to back scenes. And why? Because whether working together or going head to head, their scenes always sizzled. Always going for what they wanted. Always knowing the score. These two knew the consequences of their actions and suffered for them, but each in their own way came out better for it. They were realistic. They were intelligent. And my god, they were awesome. And despite never getting so much as a single kiss, I still love them.

But more than just watching the show, this ‘ship is where I first participated in fandom. I gave my first reviews, wrote my first stories, made my first fanvids, and made some great friends. All thanks to NS and Chlex.
Rory the Last Centurion

Shipping Challenge - Day 29

 Day 29 - Pairing with the Best Proposal: Wolf & Virginia from The 10th Kingdom

Wolf’s initial proposal was conventional, but the singing ring is what made it. Those songs can easily get stuck in your head, making you crazy enough to accept the proposal just to shut it up. Though why you would turn down Wolf, I wouldn’t understand. The final proposal makes me so happy because a singing ring never fails to get his girl, and Wolf is ecstatic. Huff Puff!
Rory the Last Centurion

Shipping Challenge - Day 28

 Day 28 - Pairing that You Will Never Understand: Joey & Rachel from Friends

I don’t get it. You have a show that for a majority of the series focused on the back and forth of Ross & Rachel, and whether you liked it or not, how could anyone think it wasn’t going to work out for them in the end? I especially don’t see why Joey would get in the middle of that when he saw it first hand. Why did we have a build up that went through a couple of seasons and fizzled out in a matter of episodes? And when it was over, it was like it had no impact on either of the characters. So what is the attraction? Is it just because they are both pretty? If so, sorry, but I need more to understand a ‘ship.
Rory the Last Centurion

Shipping Challenge - Day 27

 Day 27 - Pairing that You Loved and Ended Up Hating: Luke & Lorelai from Gilmore Girls

I rooted for this couple from the beginning, but then season six happened. After everything with April, Anna, and Christopher; I ceased caring. Both Luke and Lorelai behaved stupidly, and, while I was satisfied that they eventually got back together, I was nowhere near as excited the first time(s) around.
Rory the Last Centurion

Shipping Challenge - Day 26

Day 26 - Pairing You Hated But Ended Up Loving: Echo (Caroline Farrell) & Paul Ballard from Dollhouse

 I was against this pairing from the start. The show even stated how cliché it was for the investigator to fall for the woman he was hoping to save in the investigation. I was more intrigued by the idea of Echo/Alpha or Echo/Perrin, and Paul/Millie (November). However, more than any other pairing, I cared most about Victor/Sierra. Truth be told, I didn’t start to like this pairing until after Ballard was dead when Echo freaked out. I liked the ending they got where Ballard’s personality was uploaded into Echo’s brain. I thought that was a pretty sweet way they could always be together. And honestly, I was just really happy Joss didn’t kill off Victor or Sierra. Finally got my happy ending in a Joss Whedon show!
Rory the Last Centurion

Shipping Challenge - Day 25

 Day 25 - Pairing that Would be Adorable, But Could Never Work Out: Nick & Sara from CSI

They were cute, fun, and flirty. Serious moments always showed they genuinely cared about one another. They each had childhood trauma in their past so they understood one another better than others in the group probably did. However, the writers continued with the would they/won’t they angsty relationship of Grissom & Sara. But that doesn’t stop me from hoping Grissom and Sara’s long-distance marriage ends in heartbreak causing Sara to turn to Nick for comfort. Plus, their 'ship is called Snickers.  Who doesn't love Snickers?
Rory the Last Centurion

Shipping Challenge - Day 24

 Day 24 - Crazy Love Triangle that Worked Out Badly: Wesley/Fred/Gunn from Angel

Poor, sweet Wesley fell for Fred but took too long to tell her his feelings before Gunn made his interest known. Then he finally summed up the courage and they got together, but in the next episode Fred was infected by the demon god Illyria. By the end of the series, Wesley was dead, and Gunn was halfway there. Thanks Joss.
Rory the Last Centurion

Shipping Challenge - Day 23

 Day 23: Crazy Love Triangle that Worked Out Great: Crichton/Aeryn/Crichton from Farscape

Crichton is “twinned” and each one is equal and not a copy of the other. Both are John Crichton. First of all, it’s the recipe for some of the smuttiest fanfics imaginable. More importantly, when Aeryn discovers she is pregnant, because of Sebacean biology, the baby could either be from the one night stand she had with Crichton before he was twinned or from the relationship she had with Talyn-Crichton, no way of knowing for certain. Either way, Moya-Crichton accepts the child as his and everything works out happily for him and Aeryn. It’s win/win for everyone…except for Talyn-Crichton.